And CUCEK only 21.5%,the lowest in the whole univ.
Do you think Model Engg is better coz it has the 2nd highest pass percentage(69%)?
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Yes i think Model...ragiv gandhi...and TKM...and many other..govt. and private colleges of kerala...many of wch.are affiliated bu CUSAT is good option for taking admission.....as their..fees are low...in govt. institutions...
placement is also good....
paas percentage is also good specially from CUCEK...WHICH HAS LOWEST PASS PERCENTAGE.....
and evrrything is quite brilliant to be pleased with....specially...far far better from CUCEK....
After seeing every aspects...it can be very truly said that...SOE IS BRILLIANT....AND GOOD BUT NOT CUCEK....CUCEK LACKS IN MANY FIELD....

but if u only need a degree not quality go for CUCEK...

but one thing i have to say is that...dont let u feel yourself after four years that you know only which is written inside the books....

come outside the books...be practical....and for that...choose best college for yourself.....


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Answer in one sentence . Its misuse of freedom. Students usualyy get a great freedom in CUSAT and so they waste their time. :\

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are u sure? do u mean to say MEC is strict?? i dunno thats y i am asking..
MEC is not sooooo strict.
and see buddy model offers only courses in bm cs ec and eee.
while soe has furhter more department and so more number of students maybe that could also be a reason just sayin
is their any problem with teachng in SOE....or is it students fault???
no buddy. faculties very good. You just have to study well dats it

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