hello my rank is 7789 and i am from outside kerla... Is there any chance i get It in any campus during spot counselling.... if yes... then please tell me the complete procedure of spot counselling... also please tell ... the PROCEDURE TO SUBMIT THE FEE DURING SPOT COUNSELLING.... I.e is it by cash or by DD... please inform me each and every procedure.... Thanks in advance :)
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during spot admission ,anything could happen...so i couldn't guarantee u a seat....anyway the procedure is quite simple....u need to come to the campus on the specififed date then register ..after that the remaining vacant seats would be filled...even the ones who failed to register the option could also attend the spot admission...mode of payment would be specified in the official site...usually cash as well dd are allowed.....
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spot round is highly unpredictable ... so go early and register .... and if the seats are empty ...u will get it.... the wierdest thing i heard was someone with 13000+ rank in keralite gen catagory got a seat in EE or EC in CUCEK .... which is 5 times as much the normal cutoff .... so u can be hopeful
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