WHAT IS THE fees for NRI CANDIDATES PER ANNUM in btech all branches.....??????

Is it 243300..???
if yes its too much.....if this is the fees then it is to be paid every four year..???


this is the fees of whole four year..??


this is the fees payable only one time during admission for 1st year...and from second year the fees will be normal like payment seats..??
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Nope thats the amount you will have to pay every year. And its too high because you are a NRI candidate.
And most of the NRIs will have huge savings . This amount wont be a big issue for them :\

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BTech All Branches  243300
Marine Engineering  537750
(Plus Rs.5000/-- as application fees if you had not already registered as NRI candidate)
  • its paid in every year.
  • we are taking about NRI seat Shubham Pranky .. Their is no Too much in it.
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actually, officials told its a one time fee

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