42000 per annum

and hostel is not...">
If i get admission for IT at cucek in free seats what will be the fees that i would have to pay?
Is it yearly or semester wise payment of fees?
I would also like to know the mess bill and hostel fees?(atleast give me an approximate amount).
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42000 per annum

and hostel is not available for cucek (official) so fee depends.........

check www.cusat.nic.in

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give me an approx amount on mess chargre and hostel fees
mess charge depends on the mess committee in hostel. hostel fees is around 1500+ for official. 2000+ for unofficial.
pupil says they can manage with 4000 with fud at cucek (rent house by group) not very sure..
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fee is the same as SOE ..... all the fee mentioned in the cusat website is yearly fee .... 43300 for free seats and 82300 for payment seats ....
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check the official site of cusat every thing is there in very detail
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