MR1F     GEN     514
MR1P     GEN     728
SHPF     AIQ            1319
SHPF     GEN     763
SF1F     GEN     414
SF1P     GEN     722
CS1F     GEN     1037
CE1F     GEN     1046
ME1F     GEN     1396
CS1P     GEN     1282
CE1P     GEN     1208
ME1P     GEN     1549
PHOT     AIQ              814
PHOT     GEN     422
PSRF     AIQ             612
PSRF     GEN     228
EE1F     GEN     1341
INST     AIQ             738
INST     GEN     300
EC1F     GEN     1454
IT1F     GEN     485
EE1P     GEN     1388
EC1P     GEN     1380
IT1P     GEN     869
do i stand  any chance for sf or in any other branches in real time or spot admission??
in CUSAT CAT by Junior forum Specialist (3.9k points) | 1.4k views

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Difficult buddy. Pray hard you may get in to IT or inst

by Public Relations officer (47.7k points)
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looks very tight yaar...but don't lose hope.....look out for psrf and inst :)
by Public Relations officer (52.7k points)
thanks a lot sir....:)

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