Academic Qualifications means your certificates of +2,SSLC  and DIploma (if any).

Original documents to prove Academic Qualifications-what all documents this include?
During counselling, is there a need to pay the  fees on that day?
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Academic Qualifications means your certificates of +2,SSLC  and DIploma (if any).

when you are allotted and you have paid the fees in bank. you need not pay more. take some money for miscellaneous expenses !

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It is same as the Class 12 and Class 10 mark lists.
Fess for first academeic year is paid after geting alloted in the bank . So theres no need to pay money on the counselling date.
You have to pay only about rs 1000 for the uniform (Please see the instructions for the correct amount)


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1300 for the uniform.....and 10 & 12 passing and mark sheet .... bring your registration card(CBSE)  as well if u have one
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