What are the documents to b submitted at the time of admission??? my ug 6th sem result is not out yet??? is it a problem???
am looking for mca at main campus in free seat... my rank is 163... am obc(MSM)..  How  should i arrange my options??? should i pay full fee at the time of admission??? if i get admission in payed seat, can i change to free seat if seats r vacant? if so, wil i get the fee back??? :) Help please bros...
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The Documents that need to be submitted generally are

  • Xth certificate
  • XII certificate
  • Transfer certificates
  • Conduct certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Community/Reservation certificates if any.
  • Take all certificates you can in-order to avoid last time rush !


If allotted you need to pay in full fees. Fail to do so will result in lose of alloted seat.


if updated from payment seat to free seat, then the fees will be surely refunded on next financial year !!

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thank u sir :)
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documents to be submitted would be published in the official site when the first allotment list is published....
u could arrange option as per ur priority....yes if get alloted to free seat from payed seat then the cash would be refunded to u....
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Thank u sir...:)

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