First allotment for pg courses is published.i login to my page it shows W/L 25 .should i attend for the counselling on 3rd june???
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Nope.. For waiting list, you need to wait for you to be allotted. Check it here.

Counselling Procedure: The various processes of c0ounseling/admission are 1.Registration 2.Allotment 3.Certificate verification 4. Fee Remittance and 5. Admission Confirmation. Candidates registered for counselling on each day of admission as per counselling schedule only will be considered for allotment along with those candidates in the waiting list. Allotted candidates should then move to the verification counter for eligibility verification. 

There are two cases,

 i. Registered candidates if allotted on the same day of registration should submit their original certificates for verification. Upon successful verification of eligibility, they should remit the full course fee on the same day itself. 

ii. Registered candidates, if not allotted on the same day of registration, will be added to all the waiting lists of their respective options. Such candidates register again for subsequent allotments. They will be automatically considered for subsequent allotments/upgradations. The waitlisted candidates, when allotted to any branch during subsequent allotment/upgradation, should submit their original certificates for verification and should remit the full course fee on the dates specified as per the fee payment schedule published on the website.

Source : CUSAT NIC



Still doubts : See http://cusat.nic.in/


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