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A candidate will be considered as a ‘Keralite’ for the limited purpose of eligibility for
admission, if
  • He/She or his/her father/mother was born in Kerala OR
  • He/She has been a resident of Kerala for a period of 5 years within a period of 12 years
  • He/She has undergone his/her school studies from standards VIII to XII in
educational institutions(s) in Kerala.
  • Children of All India Service (AIS) officers (Non Keralites) allotted to Kerala circle are deemed to be “Keralites’ (GO (Rt.) No. 822/08/H.Edn dated 29/05/2008). But they will not be eligible for Communal/Special Reservations.
Candidates claiming the Keralite status should invariably produce at the time of
interview / admission, any one of the following certificates in original.
  • The certificate of Birth / Residence of the candidate or his/her father or mother from the Village Officer / Tahsildar or from a competent authority of local body,
  • The ‘Certificate showing school studies in Kerala from Standards VIII to XII’ from the Head of School where the candidate completed his / her study in Standard XII,
  • Relevant page of the SSLC of the candidate’s father / mother showing the place of birth inKerala with corroborative evidence showing the relationship between the candidate and the parent,
  • Relevant page of the passport of the candidate or either of parents issued by theGovernment of India showing place of birth in Kerala with corroborative evidence showing the relationship between the parent and candidate,
  • Birth certificate of candidate or his / her, father / mother showing the place of birth in Kerala with corroborative evidence showing the relationship between the candidate and father / mother of whose birth certificate is being produced For claiming Keralite-AIS (All India Service), certificate from competent authority should be attached


Explained here.

CUSAT CAT Prospectus  - Page 59      |  cusatxpress.com

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