Grades shall be awarded to the students in each course based on the total marks obtained in continuous assessment and...">
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I am a 2006 admission student. I completed the course in 2010. But I hope I will pass all my exams in coming S1&S2 results i.e in June 2013 exams. If by god`s grace I pass all the papers and obtain total of 60 % above marks in all 8 semesters combined, will I be able to get a First Class ??

Also what is the criteria for obtaining distinction & first class for 2006 Scheme students?? Please reply


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Grades shall be awarded to the students in each course based on the total marks obtained in continuous assessment and the university examination. The grading pattern shall be as follows:
Marks obtained ( Percentage)

Grade Grade points

Percentage Grade GPA
90- 100 S 10
80-89 A 9
70-79 B 8
60-69 C 7
50-59 D 6
< 50 F 0

*Decimal percentages shall be rounded to the next higher number if it is greater than or
equal to 0.5.

A student is considered to have credited a course or earned credits in respect of a course if he/she secures a grade other than F for that course.

Classification based on CGPA is as follows:

CGPA 8 and above First Class with distinction
CGPA 6.5 and above, but less than 8 First Class
CGPA 6 and above, but less than 6.5 Second Class.

and for your question being

a person who passed out in april 2012.. need to clear all his papers before april 2014.. unless he/she will pushed to 2nd class..

So the criteria is.

  • Pass before 2012 academic year.
  • Get 60% and above and you have the First class
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Dear Admin,

Thank you for your reply. But I passed out in 2010. I studied during 2006-2010. Is there any chance for students passed out in 2010 to obtain a first class ???..Please reply
Oops.. so you must clear all papers before 2012 academic year ! and you need 60 % agg.
Dear Admin,

I have completed my course in 2014. Can I get first class if I finish with passing my last exam on April 2016?
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If you got 60% and above, you are in the first class range...
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