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17500 Semester wise....
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you mean if i alloted to instrumentation then i have to submit there only 17500 at that time?
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17500+1400 ( uniform fee) thats all.....

Good Luck... 

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1. real time allotement process will be done on 1st july. after that can i get back to the home. if yes then i will book the return tickets.
2. date of spot allotement?
3. is there hostels for students getting into instrumentation, polymer science?
4. till now i have not alloted so i don't know to which branch i will be alloted. so what amount should i carry to pay the fees if i get a seat?
You can see the seat availability of each branch from the website of CUSAT based on the third allotment.
cusat.ac.in-> admission(top side) -> seat availability
I think all details published on the website about counseling...
1st year students didn't get hostel facilities.... try some other ways like paying guest/ rooms (lot of rooms available near the college with affordable rates.. don't worry about it)

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