guys one of the most worst thing abt college is wearing uniform;-(
that's disgusting guys;->
i don't knw wht to do...
even iit/nit/state colleges or any good private college haven't dress system
so cusat why are u taking tole of young college stds.....
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i too facing the same problem

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Hey...how can it be disgusting my friend? It announces the uniformity of the students of the institution. Have you ever thought of problems faced when students are on their on make-ups, girl's safety etc..and plus, it would be a great help to those who haven't that much financial status to show up in different codes , without repetition..:) Right? think about it..
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ah so u mean iit's and nit's don't thnk about girl's safty and stds financial status.....
that's not a fair reason sir
Why are you bothering such matters bro? It's guaranteed that u won't feel , 4 years passing by..
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what navajyoth said is exactly right... and that's a right reason indeed... moreover, what matters the most is not about the uniform system... there are lot of other pluses....think about it
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depends upon u dude ..... many other colleges have it too.... this brings down everyone to the same level atleast on the dressing sense .... and brings out a more cohesive environment to study .... one more reason i thought was that cusat is big .... and many roads of the city run through it .... so u can be identified more easily in the crowd of civilians around
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skr sir stds r identied by their talent not by their cusat uniform
then ... in that case if u have soooooo much problem that too with uniform .... go ahead and take some other college ... or get into IIT... who's stopping u ..... show ur TALENT there ...its to bring out UNIFORMITY .... and identification means that it should be u entering the campus buildings ... and not the other civilians around u ... that means it checks unwanted people from entering buildings

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