in which way is safety&fire better than mech. why should one take s&fire and not mech

is there nearly 100% placement in mechanical like in safety and fire?
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Safety and Fire Engineering is a course with vast opprtunity.
Mechanical engineering is a core subject and as everyone knows it always have the demand.
mech dont have 100% placement in Cusat. that is a fact.

Now S&F is having the highest placement records along with Naval Archi.
Also the salary they pay for S&F is very high , top companies like Indian oil corporation,gail,Bharath petroleum take recruits from Cusat.
The job u get will be as safety officer, n it is a task of responsibilty.



You have to decide which one u have to choose..

But beleive me u dont have to study much like mech in S&F its simple learning. ha ha
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hey buddy ,every course has its own placement records...both course r terrific in CUSAT....now it totally depends on u take the course as per ur interest.....how can one know ur field of interest and ask u to take the courses that u are nt interested .....so the decision is all urs..... :)
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