i want to know about the curriculum, course structure,  placements etc about this branch? if we are placed from this branch then what type of post do the safety & fire engineers get.?
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can you please tell me about the course structure of this branch in cusat.
also update me about the placements in this branch
Repeating d same answer for same type of questions...... I think you can understand our situations...
Anyway,  I will tell my own view about S&F..
1) Esay to study
2) Good placements (this year 98%)
3) Rare branch
4) Good salary package
5) From this year, Cusat will start M.TECH in S&F branch

Thank you
thank you for this little information. & i am very well aware of your situation.. answering same questions for different users.. must be a tiring job..!!!
but i would be grateful if you could advice me about this college..
i've got 469 rank in cat. and am from jaipur..
my parents are in a doubt about sending me to the fire & safety branch. as they are not aware of the job profile..
so they are telling to join CS..
can you tell me about the placements of C.S. in CUSAT.
also i tried to find a lot about the placements of CUSAT but hard luck didnt not get satisfactory information..
plzz help me out..!!!
Placements of CS in CUSAT about 92%(This year).
And one more thing about cusat is, if you haven't any supply at the time of placement, You will get good job.
You can also apply for Navel architecture, Marine engineering which offers minimum guarantee of placements.

Welcome to CUSAT...
well.. can you tell me about the avg. package of the CS branch..also the companies recruiting students from CUSAT.

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