Dear Admin,

I have three questions regarding the CUSAT Btech degree certificate.

1) How long does it takes to get the Btech Degree Certificate (not provisional one I am asking about the main degree certificate) once a student have passed all his exams??

2) Is there any formalities to make it faster??

3) I am now away from India. Should the student be present for any purpose to obtain the degree certificate??

Expecting a helpful answer from your side as always. Thank you.

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Hi ,

I passed out from CUSAT in 2013

Yes, you can make the process of getting the Original Degree Certificate faster.

Go to Admin office (ADM) and register for fast track. Pay INR 1000 and give your address and stuff in the form.

The Original will reach ur home address exactly within 20 DAYS OF RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT.

Pls Note 20 Days of window is needed for the Degree certificate to reach ur home. You cannot make it anymore faster than that period.

Kindly register for FAST TRACK well before the result declaration.

Even if you register now its ok u will get in 20 days after you apply.


Safe Regards,


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Thank you Rohith
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