I plan to join Safety and Fire in SOE. I found lot of companies like Google select students from all branches. Can i attend this type interviews using my SF degree?
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Question has been forwarded to Rohith (Graduate from SOE CUSAT on Safety and fire engineering). You will get a reply soon.

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The answer to your question is simple. If u are a Google aspirant you shudnt do safety and fire engineering. Safety and fire engineering is a hardware related branch ie. We have very little software associations and those are basically used as tools. But most of the companies in mechanical, construction and those electrical allied sectors will have a requirement for HSE engineer. So we have ample opportunities. Safety course in cusat has a syllabus which spans to a large extent and touches all allied subjects necessary so our opputunities are wide. Hence u will have chances in big league companies in our sector. And in between if u think Google is a big short it is but in its sector. For safety the big ones are mostly outside India. In India the bigger ones are PSU 's and Some private sector companies. So overall answer to your question is Yes if they ask for a safety engineer to attend the interview. Mostly No because you have more than enough opputunity from many companies and the cell won't allow you to attend interviews in non-core companies. PS: pls try to get employed in a core company only. Otherwise its useless in studying for which ever course.
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Thank you Rohith !
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yes if they are interested in hiring a safety and fire engineer

but you wont need to go for such companies as these is flooded with placements and job opportunity unless and until you are very bad at your studies,

this year even the average students from this branch have managed to get two placements

may be that is the reason why have increased the number of seats in  s&F form 30 to 60.

one of my brother's friend who has passed out from s&f in cusat this year , is having a placement in IOCL (psu)  of about 11 lakhs along with a placement in L & T of ABOUT 4.5 Lakhs

so you wont even need to go for those companies as in general  google wont give such a high placment as these psu who have a certain extent of job safety too
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