plz provide me any link available for that bcoz they are not picking up the phone
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hey deavanshu here is a link that is surely goona help you


check that out  and also the quetions in the questions related to it

read it in full

i hope it helps
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i dont think that payment by dd is allowed by cusat

you would have to pay that by cheque

the details regarding payment of the remaining amount would be informed to you if required later by cusat
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how sir
bcoz i don't want to lose my seat at any cost
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you wont lose your seat because of thet as once you have paid your fees
cusat has not asked you till now to pay your remaining amount
it is created by you that  you have to pay the remaining fees

if you still have doubts then you should call them up and ask about that
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sir if they wil accept cash there at venue?
i dont think so
 take your cheque book along with you with sufficient money in your account
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thanku sir
i'm thinking that i would be carrying the cash with me
ya that would make your transaction clear
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