i have paid the fee for msc photonics in 2nd allotment now in 3rd allotment i have beeen alloted cs1p...... how can i pay the remaining fees...there is no information regarding this on the website.......plz help me?
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that would be informed when you enter your account by entering your roll number on the official site of cusat

if you are not getting any information regarding that then you wont have to pay that now
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means i have to pay for it on 25 june..
yes you have to
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I have the same problem in my case it's polymer science I contacted the officials and they said attend the counseling you will get the information regarding payment on counseling and when and where you have to make the payment.they said that there is a payment counter at the venue if you are asked to pay at the time of admission you can pay it there Cash and DD are accepted.
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Means a lot sir! few days back I put my feelings and it was a Thanksgiving type thing, one of the members pointed out the satisfaction of helping someone.Feeling the same right now .
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you dont have to pay it now ..... the payment is just a confirmation for your seat .... so u have confirmed your seat .... just check with your roll number and login the site .... and then if u see that there is challan option then pay it .... if it not there and it just says that print the confirmation page .... then download it again to see the changes .... however the payment will be in Counselling phase.... just contact them in case of policy changes
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