Just checked the last rank details,,,
it was little weird ..
 BRANCH             GEN
CE1F                    3108
CE1P                    1441
CE2F                    6043      
CE2P                    3020  
CS1F                     3619  
CS1P                    1279

why is it so...??
it should have been..
 payment seat  > free seat na....??
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no .....free seat > payment seat...... this is because most top rankers in the CAT are from cities outside kerala .... so  there is more rush for the limited number of seats they have ... this is also because keralites can opt for both the seATS which increases the competition in the payment catagory ... ..... that's the reason for the rush....
by Worshipper (39.1k points)
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how many payment seat and free seat are there in each branch..
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since candidate outside kerala cannot apply for free seat ,there only chance is payment seat and hence the variation in rank is being noticed :)
by Public Relations officer (52.7k points)
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there is comparatively more rush in the payment seat category  as all  non kerelites are competing for those seats.
by Moderator (82.1k points)

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