All of you need to read the Rules of the forum !

Rules and Regulations

  • Ask your questions clearly.
  • Try to read full community and related questions before raising a new support ticket.
  • Your questions must be categorized and sufficient tags must be given else the administrator will hide the answer (piece of cake )
  • Avoid Repetation of questions,
  • Your questions will be answered within 48 hours maximum (mostly it takes 20 minutes, Thanks to our supporters) , Your should select a MOST HELPFUL ANSWER. This is important !! else you wont be able to ask any more questions later. (Admin Super powers)
  • Spammers will be kicked out of the community.
  • We are not here to predict your chances , but to help you out in simple doubts about CUSAT CAT.So ask your questions keeping the fact in mind.
  • only beacause its Free, dont push it too far.
  • Hate speech are not tolerated.
  • Avoid Block letters anywhere in the question

Ranks in forum

Higher the rank , Higher the reputation.

  • Chief Forum Moderator - 100,000 points 
  • Moderator - 75,099 points 
  • Staff Member- 65,999 points 
  • Public Relations officer - 40,000 points 
  • Worshipper - 32,000 points 
  • Positive Impact Maker- 16,000 points
  • Expert - 7,000 points
  • Senate Member - 5,000 points
  • Junior forum Specialist - 1,200 points 
  • Returner - 300 points
  • Fresher - 100 points 
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after 3000 still junior?????
We have changed some positions RJ. after Junior Forum specialist it comes  Senate Member !
ok.............got it

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Rules are here : http://forum.cusatxpress.com/rules.html


Moderators of the forum are

  1. Devil
  2. constantine
  3. Panthomath
  4. Sahil KA

Any problems , bugs shall be reported to the moderators !!

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Do You Guys Actually Work In Cusat?
The above mentioned guys studied in CUSAT and knows much whereabouts of CUSAT. !
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everyone who gets a satisfying answer must give best answer that must be the rule
by Moderator (82.1k points)
Thats a rule Pratyush. "7 People have been blocked form the community so far for not following the same.
what if the answer is not sattisfactory???
then wait patiently for others to answer that

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