Will I get debarred from my seat If I get alloted in the desired branch in the first allotment itself and still wait for the last round of allotments to come(because I've to consider KEAM too!!)?

It's mentioned that I've to pay the fees by 7th June if I get alloted in the first round. Kerala's results are gonna be out at 6th and it's counselling will be much later. So can I wait? or IS MY SEAT AT STAKE?! Help!!

Thanks in advance!!
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well..if you are getting allotted..you have to take your seat..:) and pay the fees..

even if you dont get your desired branch..you can take admission and choose not to cancel your higher options..

if you are not interested in joining..but have paid your fee..you will be refunded..:) but it takes time..

so..your choice..:)

all the best..cheers..:)
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