bro help me....can i get mech or s&f or ec in soe under nri quota ...rank 5784 gen. non kerelite.??? is nri quota is ob d basis of rank or first come first get?????
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you would get nri quota only if you have filled the form for cusat cat in nri mode by paying the extra fees.

with your rank you can easily get mech. thru the nri quota.

best of luck
by Moderator (82.1k points)
wat if i hdnt filled d form thru nri ...i had filled simple general form ?????
as far as we know you should have paid Rs.5000/- extra if you were to be in NRI quota.. they also will have provide you with a NRI rank also.. I dont know much about that please call up CUSAT office @ +91 - 0484 - 2577159 / 2862256 / 2862257 / 2577100
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sorry you wont be getting a seat thru nri
by Moderator (82.1k points)

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