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Here is the Revised Counselling Schedule for BTech/Marine Engg./MSc Photonics/BLET/5 Yr BBA/BCom LLB  :  http://cxpr.in/1GKQdmw
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sir, I know the revised counselling schedule.....I'm asking for expected date of "ALLOTMENT" ......not of counselling.....
you are allotted on the same day of the counselling.! the date for classes starting will be announced later.
sir, it meant that.....there will not be any online allotment for btech, like that of marine engineering/pg/MCA....??

And sir, the next procedure after online registration is counselling directly.....!!

sir, I have read the prospectus nd I found that there'll be an allotment before counselling.....that's why I'm so confused.... :(
Here you go with the procedure .

You register options. Cusat allots you to a course ( according to your options, available seats ) and calls you for councelling on a date. The call will be like 0-1000 ranks report in specific day.  You come here and pay up the fees and submit the certificates. Done. You are in CUSAT.

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