The Syllabus is not that tough. Its a quite more...">

Sir, I got admission in School of engineering(CSE). Many of my acquaintances told me that is extremely hard to pass in cusat. Is it really?

And what is supplemenatry and under what condition does a candidate has to take it?  And what is special supplementary.

Thanks in advance...
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The Syllabus is not that tough. Its a quite more than MG syllabus anyhow.

For a student to pass , candidate has to obtain a minimum of 50 percent marks for continuous  assessment and university examination put together with a minimum of 45 percent marks  in the university semester examination for a pass in theory courses. (75/150)

In the case of laboratory courses, the candidate shall obtain a minimum of 50 
percent marks for continuous assessment and end semester examination put together with 
a minimum of 50 percent marks for end semester examination. Those who fail in the 
laboratory course shall appear in the end semester examination in the next available 

Special suppliemntry : Special chances given ( a special exam chance) grnated to students inorder to clear the subject so that he/she should not have to wait a full year for next exam schedule.

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thanks again..
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Your question is quiet  laughing, Actually supplementary exams means when you  appeared  for a regular semester exam, if you cannot perform in exam well, you can get an another chance known as supplementary exam.

If you study well, in my opinion cusat is the best university
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that was quite relieving. thanks..

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