status aftr 5th july is:
allotd to: EC1P
waiting :
ME1P: 26
CS1P: 9
EE1P: 5
what is the maximum upgradation that could occur and till when...??
in CUSAT CAT by Returner (310 points) | 216 views

3 Answers

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look out for EE buddy

by Public Relations officer (47.7k points)
till when??and no chance for C.S??
The chances are less.. Just hope for good !
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I guess you might have chance for CS1P and EE1P !! All the best

by Chief Forum Moderator (159k points)
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in the real times you only have chances for cs and ee

me would be very tough in the real times

 the upgradations as scheduled till date will be till 10 of july

 but you must try them till the spot rounds later

best of luck
by Moderator (82.1k points)

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