Sir due to reservation issues I am unable to reach CUSAT on 15 reaching there on 20th . So, missing 1st week of class a big deal ? I heard  in first week there is orientation class and anti-ragging campains regular classes starts after some time is it true?
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bhai tatkal me ticket leke aa ja na

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no that will not be a big problem but you should try to miss as less classes as possible

but if you are planning to miss your classes for more than 10 or 12 days then you should give an application in writing to inform the cusat regarding that otherwise they may cancel your admission

studies in the classes begin from day 1 itself those thing go on alongside
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try your best to attend the classes  but if you have something very important then you can leave.
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It wont be a serious problem for you. yes what you heard is correct. but if you miss those introductry classes you mght not get a outline of facts and might bot get familiarize with the campus. I suggest you dont miss any class.

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