Waiting List Position
CS1F     GEN     396
CS1F     ETB     18
EC1F     GEN     612
EC1F     ETB     35
EE1F     GEN     566
EE1F     ETB     39
ME1F     GEN     669
ME1F     ETB     55
CS2F     GEN     99
CS2F     ETB     3
EC2F     GEN     175
EC2F     ETB     7
EE2F     GEN     137
EE2F     ETB     6
ME2F     GEN     204
ME2F     ETB     12

what is my chance in percentage in real time in soe&cusek???
in CUSAT CAT by Fresher (200 points) | 501 views

3 Answers

+1 vote
Be cool..with ETB you have good chance for EE2F at CUSEK.. SOE you may have to wait for spots..All the best
by Junior forum Specialist (2.5k points)
wat abt CS2F??
wait and see..only one seat as on 22/6/13 for CS2F (ETB)..Best of luck
0 votes
U hav chance for CUCEK wiv ur etb WL buddy. Ol d Best :)
by Staff Member (20.6k points)
0 votes

You can get any branch at CUCEK buddy. Good luck :)

by Public Relations officer (47.7k points)

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