any hope after
third allotement my cusat cat waiting
list is                      EE 1F (KSC) 97, EE 2F (KSC) 33, ME
1F (KSC) 115,ME 2F (KSC) 57, INST
(KSC) 18, EC 1F (KSC) 78, EC 2F (KSC)
43, CS 1F (KSC) 84, CS 2F(KSC) 42, EE 1P
(KSC) 27, EE 2P (KSC)9,                                                                                                                   
I get  admission? What is real time
when&where it occure????     Plz healpme??
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you have a gr8 chance...

and the real allotment will be held on school of marine, chochin..
Any chance to get admission

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Based on your CAT rank be there at Kunajli Marakkar School of Marine Engineering,

Thrikkakara Campus,  CUSAT, Kochi beween 9-10 AM. See the site for date based on rank. All the best buddy

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