i have got 6333 rank in CAT 2013. I want t take computer science only. I was not alloted  seat in 3 allotments. but still 22 seats are vacant for general category as on 22nd june.(source : CUSAT IRAA) .  I am from general category (non-keralite). SO, i want to know that do i have any chance of getting seats in cs?? that is, is there any benifit of attendingd  real time admission process??
thanks in advance!!
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If ur waiting list for CS is above 1000 or near by thn real time wont help u... u may try for spot rounds.. Ol d Best :)
by Staff Member (20.6k points)
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Very tough sad for general category (non-keralite) with this rank.

best of luck yes

by Answering Expert (8.4k points)
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Yes buddy good chances. Wait till the spots. This time real time allotment will be having a huge rush.

by Public Relations officer (47.7k points)

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