1)After taking DD .Is Any other fee would be carried at the time of concelling?
2)My cat rank is 3247-if am alloted on 1st july,when the councelling conducted?is it the same day?
3)Can i directly pay the fee 43,300 on 1st july.bcz at the time of real time allotment candidate presence  is imp !
4)wat abt the total amount would be carried,i think for free seat is it about 43,300: any other fee ????
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1. U must hav an ATM or extra cash for any othr payment if needed 2. Ol same day... 3. Yes u can pay d cash...n u shud be in person on 1st. 4.u can check d course fee pdf for further detail buddy :)
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2. Ol same day...??????? when???
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I think everything else is known to you ... so come and take your seat.... carry some extra cash .... u might need it at the time of counseling ....uniform fee....this that ...things keep on adding ... also search for your stay ... coz hostel is for 2nd year and above ...so u might need to search for a pg/hostel/flat.... suit yourself ...
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