Colleges that scored below the 50 percentage mark include School of Engineering, Thrikkakara (49.83);
:( :( :(
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Yes!! Devil can u tell something bout this pls?

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SOE has a low pass percentage .... but it takes more students from the sections of the society which need upliftment ,.,,,.. i'm not trying to offend anyone ... please dont misunderstand this .... but someone having rank more than 10000 or 12000 is a bit weak academically ... nevertheless ... what matter is the job in hand .... and SOE gives better placements which is the most important thing at the end of the 4 years
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in the given collages in that link which all have more placement records than cucek
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SOE CUSAT did had 50 percentage above pass percentage in past year. but this batch 2009-2013 (my batch) was allotted to the SOE CUSAT accidently. on 2009 allotments the last ranks in general was 15000 and even the seats were filed. more academically weak students got admitted. While high court passed a judgment that all that colleges below 50 percentage atleast must shutdown for godsake. for improving the results and discipline a new principle was appointed who was the HOD of Mechanical Engineering Division to SOE CUSAT. he took charge and boosted the activities to increase the pass percentage. believe me if that step was not taken SOE CUSAT would have landed in 40 percentage pass. I think the pass percentage by SOE CUSAT is better and we thank god for the same.You can expect good results from your senior batch for sure.

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thn why no action for cucek....its having the lowest one among cusat??
Yes. i dont think that rule is so strict !
i am really confused devil...... :(
i dont no wat to do

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