It is the quality education of CUSAT and that's one of prominent reason I am joining it.But being a vegetarian would create any problem for me as 4 years is a long period of time.
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ya .... in 4 years u might turn non veg in any college in north india as well .... but as far as CUSAT is concerned there is a good provision of north indian food since the keralite and non keralite hostels are different.... also there are many tiffin agents and cooks to help u if you stay in flats/pg....and the college canteens offer a large number of north indian dishes .... my friend ... thats not a reason to worry .... coconut oil use is also reduced as north indians prefer veg. oil / mustard oil....
answered Jun 19, 2013 by SKR Worshipper (39,120 points)
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Put it the best way possible. Although my family members are non-vegetarian but I am kind of vegetarian by nature : )
Did you flagged the posts ?
let me know what you found inappropriate in the post. Speak to me
No sir I didn't.
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It wont affect you. one of my batchmate and friend from U.P is a strict vegetarian. His father , forefathers are also Strict vegetarians. He returned from CUSAT keeping his eating habits the same. he didnt suffer. Enjoyed ofcourse. Kumaraditya, This is not an end of world. you can survive here (its not a THAR desert.)

answered Jun 19, 2013 by The Devil Chief Forum Moderator (157,550 points)
The thar part is :-D . I know few cusatians and they said the same but I am kind of outnumbered :-P also what about hospitality of localities Is there North Vs South or things like that?
You might find some things like Northy Vs Southy but in our batch we were all Friends , brothers , sisters. No division shown. CUSAT's locality is slowly turning to a north Indian locality as there are increased number of inhabitants.
Hope my batch is same as yours as well as the allotments :-) .I have read something amazing happening when you got admitted.
Hoping the same.
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Well there are north Indian restaurants n u can even have cooks which can make it for U buddy :)
answered Jun 19, 2013 by Kushagra Sharan Staff Member (20,570 points)

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