Sir..can i get boys... college..hostel in soe....in first year....as i am a non kerallite......and belong to UTTAR PRADESH....

what about....hostel...food....is there facility of north indian food...??

plz also mention..hostel and...mess charges...???
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sorry to tell you that but hostels are not available for first year students

hostels are available from second year only

but there are sufficient flats where students stay and have their food cooked by cooks

that is not much a problem

the cooks cook north indian food and you will adjust easily

there are many students from north india in most of the branches

it is all affordable and with in budget for most people you wont have much issues regarding that

when you come for the councelling you should fix all that
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Sir,what about for girls??? Do these apply for girls too??
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please check this out for hostel details


i hope this helps
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1st years must seek another place as they are not Admitted in Hostels..

North indian students (girls) has no hostel facilities,

North indian girls can find decent apartments and private hostels around CUSAT
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  • In CUSAT there are some rules like First years are not given Hostel. (We have clearly stated the same in many many questions).
  • Hostel Food will be south indian (that you need to adjust, but there are some restuarants who only serve north indian food).
  • Mess charge will be decided by Mess committe and may vary.
  • 4.00 Fees and Charges 
    4.01 Caution Deposit              : Rs. 500.00
    4.02 Admission fee                 : Rs. 100.00
    4.03 Association Fee               : Rs. 10.00 per semester
    4.04 Room Rent 
    Rs.250.00 per head per month for foreign students
    Rs.40.00  per head per month for multi seated room

    4.05 Establishment charges of Rs.40/- per head per month (common to all hostels inmates).

    4.06 Water charges Rs. 10/- per head per month.

    4.07 Electricity charges 20/ as per consumption (Hostel wise) will be divided by the students along with mess charges.
    Note. 4.01 to 4.07 to be collected by the Departments and credited to Cochin University fund.   The hostel fee shall be collected without fine till the 10th of the month.  Fine of Rs.10/- be levied upto the 20th day of the month.  Fine of Rs.10/- and Rs.2/- per day be collected beyond 20 days and before 30 days.  After 30 days Rs.100/- shall be charged as readmission fee in addition to the fine rates. (U.O. No. Ac.A2/3431/91/PF(I) dated 29.9.2008) (This is brought up only to get you an idea of the amount . !
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juz heard  first yr students of inst,psrf nd photonics will get hostel....is it truee???

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