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CE1P     GEN     684
SF1P     GEN     448
CE2P     GEN     482
SHPF     AIQ     876
CS1P     GEN     755
CS2P     GEN     508
IT1P     GEN     470
IT2P     GEN     379

what are my chances ??????????? need help
in News by Returner (560 points) | 55 views

2 Answers

0 votes

sorry to say . You have very less chances but dont lose hope Pray well :D

by Public Relations officer (47.7k points)
in d spot round do i have more then a bit of chance???? if i wait for dat excluding all my other options pls help
its difficult to say brother. since the keam results are not out yet. we cant predict
0 votes
rare chances...opt for the spot round
by Junior forum Specialist (1.4k points)

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