The results of B.Tech III'rd Semester Examination - November 2012 - Results (2004 Admissions Onwards) is published. Where can I get the results ?
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B.Tech III'rd Semester Examination - November 2012 - Results published : Look at : http://bitly.com/KYLEEO
For SOE Direct link on the PDF : http://bitly.com/14wgQWp

  • Date of publication of Results:05'th June, 2013.

    Last dates for submitting applications for Scrutiny and Revaluation at the Respective Examination Centers are 15-06-2013 and 20-06-2013 respectively

    Applications for Scrutiny and Revaluation are to be submitted on or before the last dates prescribed for the same only at the respective examn centers.

    Under no circumstances the applications submitted after the last date prescribed or the applications submitted other than the exam centers will be accepted.

    Incomplete and defective applications will be rejected summarily. 

    Prior to 2004 admission candidates are requested to contact their Colleges / respective Examination Section in the University for their Results. 
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