Im 2018 passout. i have 1paper left to complete btec, i got 62 after revaluation, in that 28 is internal.i was sure to pass that subject, thats y i gave for revaluation.. Im 100percent sure i will pass if evaluation is done in correct way.
 I need to get my degree as early as possible,  what is the best solution other than appearing next chance? Or plz suggest me any legal solution (my company is demanding certificate, or else i will b fired)
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There is another way to do so, You can request for the evaluated mark sheet with the key.


  1. Go to http://cusatxpress.com/2012/12/download-cusat-forms-apply-examinations/
  2. Download 18th Form ie :  Application for Photocopies of Answer Scripts, Scheme & Key of Valuation And Detailed Mark Sheet.
  3. Fill it and pay the fees as per the below info.
Fees details for various documents
Particulars Amount in INR
 Cost of Application form  120
 Photo copies of the Answer Scripts (per subject)  730
Scheme and Key of Valuation    (per subject)  430
Mark awarded by the Examiner for each question (per paper/subject)  95

by this process you will get the Answer sheet in your hand and you will be able to make sense of what went wrong or the valuation was wrong or not.. 

With if the problem was from your part you can see how the valuation takes place and study accordingly for next session and clear the paper as soon as possible.

Hope this clears it up

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