what is average gate score required to get admission in electronics and communication m tech program or any other m tech program?
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Minimum Qualification for M.tech Admission in Electronics and Communication is

  1. B. Tech or equivalent degree /AMIE/ AMIETE in Electronics and Communication Engineering/Electrical Engineering / Electronics and Instrumentation or M.Sc. degree in Electronics /Physics (with Electronics as specialization) with a First Class (60%) from any recognized University or Institution.
  2. A valid GATE score in Electronics/Electronics and Communication Engg.
  3. If sufficient numbers of candidates are not available in category
     >> candidates with GATE score in Electrical & Electronics Engg. , Instrumentation, Electrical Engg. or Physics will be considered. iv) In the absence of GATE qualified candidates Non GATE candidates can be admitted on the basis of a Departmental Admission Test (DAT)

i dont really know how much is the cut off though. 

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