Please comment the source, there is no such rules as far as i know....">
I heard that there will be no free seats for the candidates who take admissions through spot admissions, instead they will need to take the it as payment seat even if the seat was free before, now it would be considered as payment seat
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Please comment the source, there is no such rules as far as i know. anyhow 

here  are the Spot admission rules for 2016 : Stated here 

1. All candidates having a valid CAT rank, including those who have not registered options online, can take part in the spot admission. Already admitted candidates should also participate in the spot admission if they wish to change their branches to the newly available seats. 

2. Candidates without CAT rank will not be considered for the admission. (In the case of Kerala Scheduled Caste(KSC) / Kerala Scheduled Tribe(KST) seats, if candidates with CAT Rank are not available, candidates without CAT Rank also will be considered. Here the ranking based on their performance in the qualifying examination and the same will be specifically mentioned in the relevant notifications.)

3. All existing waiting lists based on candidate options will be cancelled before spot admission. That means, the options exercised by the candidate for
earlier admissions will not be considered in the spot admission. 

4. The admission is purely based on the CAT rank, reservation status (Community/Nativity) and availability of seats at the time of admission. 

5. Candidates should report for counseling for the spot admission in person along with the parent / guardian on the specified date and time for the counseling. Those who do not report before the stipulated time will not be considered for admission on that day, under any circumstances.

6. Once allotted to a particular branch, the candidate should confirm his/her admission in that branch by submitting all the required documents in original and by remitting the required fees on the same day itself, failing which his/her allotment will be cancelled without any intimation. 

7. Once the spot admission process is started, no more Updation based on the rank list will be done for the admitted candidates and the vacancies arising on or after first spot admission will be filled only by a spot admission. 

8. Any candidate for spot admission who is already admitted in any branch (whether through spot admission or regular updation) should cancel such admission if he is offered a seat in a subsequent spot admission. However, to register their name for spot admission, there is no need to cancel the earlier admission.

9. In the case of cancellation of admission to take up a new seat in spot admission, the refund of fees paid for earlier admissions, if any, will be subject to the cancellation/refund rules of the University. The balance of fees after deducting the refundable amount from the full course fee remitted should be paid on the same day. 

10. After the first spot admission, if General or SEBC reservation category seats are still vacant, such seats will be converted as GENERAL ALL INDIA MERIT Seat and will be filled by conducting subsequent spot admissions in one or two stages. 

11. If KSC/KST seats are vacant even after the second round spot admission, candidates without CAT rank will be considered in the third round of spot admission with proper notification. If KST seats are still vacant in the third round, it will be converted to KSC Payment seats on the same day with proper notification. After the first round, all State Merit seats in KSC and KST category will be converted to payment category. 

12. In case KSC/KST seats are vacant even after the third round spot admission the seats will be filled by admitting eligible OEC candidates with CAT rank. Under no circumstances these seats will be converted to General/any other category 

13. Physically Challenged(PHC), Child of CUSAT staff(CHD) and Anglo Indian/JEW(AIN/JEW) category seats are supernumerary and hence will not be converted to general category.


14. Candidates admitted through spot admission will not be automatically updated to other branches in subsequent spot admissions. 

15. In addition to the above rules, the candidate should also read the General Instructions given to the candidates who appear for CUSAT counseling and should obey the counseling rules and regulations specified in it. 

16. Candidates seeking admission to the Academic Programmes of the University are advised to be conversant with the various instructions, procedures, rules etc. detailed in the CAT notification and prospectus (CAT brochure) published in the website.

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Sorry the point no.10 made me a confusion when I read and THANKYOU for clarifying that.
after the Spot, if any RESERVED Seats are still not filled. the same will be converted to General seats, which the general category students can apply.

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