I can't find Btech Marine engg allotment details in my Candidate homepage.There is nothing new in the page and http://cusat.nic.in shows that it has published Btech Marine Engg allotment details published in candidates homepage.
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Check your home page  you must attend the councelling to achieve a seat
by Answering Expert (7.9k points)
I checked but there is nothing up there when I logged in
Do you attended the real time councelling
No, I didn't
Then you wont get any allotment attend the spotj
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You need to be present at the venue for upgradation of your options.. if not present your chance will be gone.

But you can apply via spot.
by Chief Forum Moderator (159k points)
What if I didn't attend, can go ahead with other Btech allotments?
not attending, means rejecting the allotment.

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