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you have to apply through www.hostels.cusat.ac.in . however first years are still not permitted in CUSAT hostels.. here is the eligibility criteria for  hostel admission

  • Allotment of seats in the hostels is given on the basis of date of admission and distance of the home town of the students from the University.  Priority in allotment is given for SC/ST/OEC students.
  • Admission is given to students of various P.G. courses, LL.B., B.Tech. PS&RT, B.Tech. NA&SB and B.Tech. Instrumentation in Sanathana, Aiswarya, Siberia, Sarovar and Anaswara Hostels.  Admission is given to Research Scholars in Sarovar Research Scholars Floor and Athulya Hostel.
  • In Sagar, Anagha, Ananya and Swaraj Hostels, admission is mainly given to students of School of Engineering.
  • As per the directions from the District SC/ST Welfare Department 60% seats reserved for SC/ST/OEC students and the remaining 40% admission is made as per the University rules in Sagar and Anagha Hostels.
  • If there are additional applications from SC/ST/OEC community students they will be given preference in the remaining 40% seats.
  • As per the directions from the District SC/ST Welfare Department 60% seats  reserved for OBC and 20% seats for SC/ST/OEC students and admission to the remaining 20% is made as per the University rules in Ananya and the proposed Swaraj Hostels.
  • In Marine Sciences (CUMS) Hostel, admission is given to students of M.Sc., M.Tech., M.Phil. and Ph.D. courses of various Departments of Lakeside Campus.
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