sir i am a non-keralite and my CUSAT CAT 2015 Gen. Rank is 4739 And i want to know that can i get a seat in SOE or CUCEK and with expected branch..my counselling is on 9th July and i am getting techno India,haldia institute of technology,etc. in WB and my WBJEE counselling is also scheduled from 9-13 July.so please help as i need to take a decision as early as possible
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There is absolutely less chance of getting general allotment in second campus and that too in IT. well, you have a fair chance of getting NRI spot admissions in second campus(CUCEK) in IT, CIVIL and may be ECE. spot admissions are held long after general admissions.

you can consider this link to verify your chances of getting admission


all the best :)
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Does fee vary??
Fee varies, if you are seeking admission through NRI spot admissions.
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Better to attend spot admission where you can get branches in cucek its your choice to select the college
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