I wanted to know if the (n-2) * 15 (or n-4) rule is applicable to students of 2012-2016 batch. For the registration of S7, students who had less than 53 credits(?) were asked to get "provisional" written on the registration form. I have 3 arrears..how can I not have enough credits because of just 3 arrears?! Are we in trouble, as in, will we end up losing an year? :/
How are the credits calculated? If the rule is "(n-2)*15", you need 75 credits, right?
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credits are calculated as (n-2)*15 only.
though 75 credits are needed but as s6 results are not out, so subtracting  the 22 credits of s6 from the required 75 you have to get (75-22=53) credits as per (n-2) rule.
As per I believe only 3 arrears would make more than 53 credits. semester 3 and 4 in total have (22+22=44) credits while s1 and s2 in total have 44 credits.
This means till s4 you can have total of (44+44=88) credits.
Even if you have three arrears you would lose a maximum of 12 credits (if I consider arrears from s1-s2, still you have more than 65 credits. Hence no need to worry about "53" :)
Though about losing an year if you have enough credits, you won't lose any.
let me know, if there is some other confusion and yes calculate the total credits that you have earned. It must be more than 53. :)
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