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No it is real time allotnent where you have to report on councelling venue at the asked date
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Let me break it up for you.

  • You register your Options.
  • Upon Available options the CUSAT allots you to your preferred options.
    if you are not allotted you wil be in Waiting list in that case WAIT. 
  • If you are allotted join in the course, come and
    report for counseling/Admission in person either with the Parent or Guardian at the counseling venue on the scheduled date and time. Failure to present themselves at the appointed time for the admission process will result in immediate and summary forfeiture of all claims for admissions and removal from the list of eligible candidates. In order to be eligible for higher options you must register.
  • register themselves for counseling/admission at the counselling venue on the date and time allotted to them
  • fulfill the minimum requirement as per the eligibility criteria
    fixed by the University at the time of counseling/admission
  • remit the required fees in full on the date of counseling/admission. Part-payment of fees or postponement of date of payment will not be allowed under any circumstances. Please check the link Fee To Be Paid At The Time Of Admission.
  • produce the following certificates/documents in original at the
    time of counseling/admission

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