I've allotted for Msc Statistics. But I didn't registered for Msc (option registration).
I Want to join MCA. (Rank 18)

Now my question is, I should report for Msc Statistics counseling (which I'm not interested) ?
If I'm not attended counseling for MSc, my name will be deleted form MCA list??
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this might be a technical issue. contact IRAA as soon as you can.. I will share a thread for you to consider.

  • Once allotted to a particular branch, the candidate should confirm his/her admission in that branch by submitting all the 8 required documents in original and by remitting the required fees on the specified date, failing which his/her allotment will be cancelled without any intimation. .
  • Allotted candidates who do not confirm their admission by remitting the required fee in full on the scheduled date will not be considered for any further allotment/updations based on his/her higher options, if any.

So i Suggest you come for the counselling, but before make a call to 0484-2577159.  and explain the same.

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