Sir I am a 2012 admission student pursuing 6th semester studies,well with the new change in cusat regulations.
they're going to implement n-2 rule.that is inorder to get into s7 we need minimum 75 credits from the 1-5 semesters.they've published timetables of s1s2,s4 and s5 special supplementory.so i want to know whether the results of these will be announced before the semester starts.if it get announced before that some of us can get into s7.
looking for ur reply and tnx in advance.
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As we know they will publish the results as soon as possible, ignore the last s1 and s2 . Things are going fast as the S1 and S2 exam of 2015 is conducted in April not on June is a symbol of effective planning.. 

results will be out before the next exam.

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