my eyesight is weak and i do wear spects. is there any eligibility related to eyesight for getting admission in marine engineering course in cusat ??
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Yes,there is eligibility Criteria regarding eyesight. Eyesight of Candidates must not have any degree of squin or any morbid condition of eyes or of the eyelids that is liable to aggravate or recur. Neither should they exhibit symptoms of pressure oftrachome and iris complications or sequela. Candidates must possess good binocular vision (fusion faculty and full field of vision in both eyes). Movement of the eyeballs must be full in all direction and the pupils should react normally to light and accommodation. Use of corrective lenses for eyesight is permitted but the maximum permissible limits, at entry, are 6/12 in each eye or 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in other eye for distant unaided vision.Color blindness is not permitted BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE.
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I too had this question in my mind
it means after wearing spects my vision should be 6/9 in better eye and 6/18 in the other eye ??
No,Without spects.
A person always wears spects for normal 6/6 vision as far as i know.
n what about the eye power ??
I think for this you should consult an eye specialist,most probably you will need a medical certificate for admission as most of the marine engineering institute ask for the same.The doctor will tell you about the power of corrective spects or lens and provide you medical certificate if you are fit enough.Your both problem will be sorted out :)
But i can tell you what is 6/6?
6/6 is actually the distance from the patient in the eye exam room to the eye chart, 6 being 6 meters. Sometimes “20” is used because in the United States, 6 meters would be about 20 feet. If you were in the States and you had normal vision, you would get 20/20, which is the same as having 6/6.
ok...thanxx a lot :)
My pleasure :)

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