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Please contact ADM and make sure you let them know the...">


I had a supply when i pass out. After i cleared ,i surrendered my 8th semester marklist for correcting (6 th semester marklist appeared as blank bcz of the backpapper) my 6 th semseter mark in it. Now its around 9 months and i got update from university that they verified my certificate and delivered to college around 7 th month of 2013 but not reached in college yet. Please anyone know the reason for this delay please updatesad

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Hello guest,

Please contact ADM and make sure you let them know the situation very clear. This is an unexpected delay. 

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ADM? Can u pls specify more details..
How can i register a complaint about this. Already meet respective persons of cusat.
ADM Is for Administrative Block. You can give complaint about the issue at ADM . reach reception counter and make an enquiry.

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