I heard a news that Moving forward there will be ly regular exams for ol semesters...means there won't be special supplementary for s5 s6 s7 s8...pls pls pls reply
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for the procedure to make CUSAT an IIEST the university have declined some of the special chances.  But today (06/02/2014) as a response to the Strike conducted by SFI students, University agreed  with the S4 special supplimentry request. The exam will be conducted soon as possible as per the offer.

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Thanks man... huge relief....
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that aint any truth arun. please note that University is struggling to keep up with the phase of time. so it need to clear all the results before announcing the new. let us all wish the special supplementary chances will be
restarted soon .
right now univerisity has decided to clear all the pending results and then they will surely think of special supplimentey examinations. ( as per the latest meetings)
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