As a present S4 student.I'm having 6 supplies for S1S2.

when i'm in 1st year none of my friends know about the yearout rule.

After writing the exam they yearout rule going to be implemented from our batch onwards.

I am not getting any idea,If they going to implement it proper notification has to be provided.

Is it for entering S5 or S6,some say it will be implemented on semester 6,some say S5.

will the S1S2 result of 2014 will come b4 the yearout period or after that ?

wont we get special supplimentory examination for S1S2 if they proceed with yearout rule ?

If the yearout rule implement which semester we have to repeat ?

Is CUSAT the only university implementing yearout rule ?

Hope you guys can help me out here,I'm a bit bothered by hearing this..!!!!
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1.  As a result of the on going strikes, students of s1-s2 under 2012 scheme will get an opportunity to appear for the special supplementary exam    smiley. Don't take this opportunity for granted and give farewell to s1-s2 subjects.

2. And the year out rule is totally based on the credit system. According to it you must have 45 credits till s3 to get admitted to s5. 
total credits in s1-s2  = 44
in s3= 22

since you have six supplies.. it may have accounted to a loss of 20-24 credits which means you have 20-24 credits in hand. And to complete 45 credits and be in safe- zone you should have cleared your 22 credits of semester-3.
and since you have upcoming supplementary exams now.. you have hell of an opportunity to earn those 45 credits.

and hence no chance of year-out.


3. And as per the year out rule, you will have to repest the year in which you are studying now, which means semester    3 and 4. as the name suggests it's just an year out.. so one year back.

4. Regarding the notifications. i am also a student of soe only and we were provided with a diary which clearly stated all the norms and rules. What better notification you really wanted!!

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I have two back papers in s1&s2..will i face an year out..

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