as far as i am an s1 s2 student/2013 i am little bit concerned ...our college authority released a notice notifying the law...they says that it is compolsary to clear all papers before entering 3 rd year
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If the college authority have released such a notice it might be true. we dont have any information (official) about the same law but have some rumours ! Any authorized persons we ask about these laws says that they dont know it exists.

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Dats correct.... From 2012 admission, n-2 rule is applicable......
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Do any official confirmation came in ?
Ya... In our SOE Academic Diary......
There is a note indicating about this....
"For students of admission prior to 2012 (from 5th to 8th semester) the B-Tech regulations of 2006 is applicable."
And all the details about 2012 admissions is clearly given in SOE Academic Diary...
Thank you mahi for the reply !
You are always welcome......

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